Your "AH-HA" Moment Regarding Managed Print Services

Calling all IT Managed Services Providers:  Managed Print Services (MPS) is all the rage right now and as office technology becomes more integrated with the IT side of things, it is becoming increasingly important that IT Managed Services folks, like ourselves, expand our offerings to include document technology support. As imageSOURCE puts it: "In today’s business environment, organizations utilize hardware (copiers, printers and multi-function devices) traditionally provided by multiple vendors, and various services/systems/applications to support them (network management, application management, database management, data storage/cloud, network security and phone systems/VoIP) to support this technology. Looking ahead, it is increasingly likely that all of these systems, services, solutions and hardware devices will be provided through a single source."

The client wants an IT services vendor that can do it all and who is secure in the knowledge that their vendor of choice is an expert at what they do, and that includes being a single source vendor for their document technology. But when it comes to MPS, unfortunately, not all IT solution providers know where to begin.

Fortunately, RMC ProIT can make it easy. As a division of Ray Morgan Company, we've had over 50 years of learning the ins and outs of the document technology industry. We know, nay, breath MPS. Our MPS Gurus can guide you every step of the way so that you can successfully provide the level of service and support that your customers demand.

I can go on and on waxing romantic about MPS, but if you are an IT MSP that is curious on how you can add managed print services to your current business infrastructure, then contact one of our gurus today.


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