Show the LOVE: Set You and Your Support Staff Up for Success

Do you have an amazing administrative assistant?  Can you throw tasks his/her direction and know without a doubt that he/she is on top of it and will handle it?  Do you ever take a moment to look back after you have walked away to see the look of frustration on his/her face?  

Come on now! How many times have you waited until the last minute to address a pressing concern and thrown your assistant’s day into a tail spin due to your lack of effective time management? Here are a handful of helpful tips that can not only ensure you don’t get sucked into the “Last Minute” trap but also keep your assistant from wanting to fire you:


  •  Month at a glance – take one planning meeting a month to review all major deadlines for the upcoming month. So often the only reason why something gets pushed to the last minute and ultimately handed off is because the support team does not have visibility into the need far enough in advance. By providing early visibility you are able to take advantage of early delegation.

  • Start your week out right – have a brief “prepare for the week” meeting where you go over your major deadlines for the week. Not only will this help you get organized for the week but it will help your assistant know what areas they may be able to help you with BEFORE the day the project is due.

  • Prioritize! Do NOT come back to your assistant and say “why didn’t you get this done yet” when you and I both know that there are several times that you have required a shift in prioritization due to your lack of planning. Poor planning on your part should not create an emergency on their part or reprimand from the person they work so hard to keep happy. 

  • SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION! You can never SAY THANK YOU enough!  We all know we would not be where we are were it not for the amazing people we have supporting us.  Show them!  They will be far less likely to curse you when you walk away if you let them know how important they are to you!


Keep your workflow flowing fast by practicing open PROactive communication! 


A Message from Your Workflow Analyst - Tasha Hepburn